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Ratan Tata’s Visionary Animal Hospital to Open in Mumbai Next Month

Ratan Tata's Visionary Animal Hospital to Open in Mumbai Next Month

In a significant move for animal welfare, Ratan Tata, the esteemed industrialist and philanthropist, is set to inaugurate the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital in Mumbai. This facility, dedicated to small animals, marks a milestone in providing world-class veterinary care in India. The hospital, a dream project of Ratan Tata, who is known for his love and advocacy for animals, is expected to open its doors in the first week of March.

Key Highlights:

  • The Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital is located in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.
  • It represents Ratan Tata’s commitment to animal welfare, post his tenure as chairman of Tata Sons.
  • The facility is built at Rs 165 crore and spans five stories, with a capacity to house 200 patients.
  • British veterinarian Thomas Heathcote leads the hospital team.
  • Originally planned for Navi Mumbai, the hospital’s location was moved to central Mumbai for better accessibility.

The establishment of the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital is a testament to Ratan Tata’s enduring commitment to animal welfare. The hospital is not just a medical facility but a realization of Tata’s vision for a world-class veterinary care center in India. The facility will be one of India’s few 24×7 hospitalsfor dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals.

This initiative is particularly significant, considering Tata’s personal experiences and his recognition of the need for such a facility in Mumbai.

Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital at Mahalaxmi will be India’s largest single-site multi-specialty animal healthcare centre.

Ratan Tata’s journey towards establishing this hospital began after his retirement as chairman of Tata Sons. His passion for animal welfare led him to envision a facility that could offer advanced medical care for small animals, akin to the care available to humans. Tata’s motivation was further fueled by a personal incident where he had to fly a pet abroad for medical treatment, highlighting the gap in veterinary care in India.

In an interview before the unveiling of the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital in Mahalaxmi, Ratan Tata emphasized, “Pets are considered integral members of families today. Having cared for numerous pets in my lifetime, I understand the necessity for such a hospital.”

World-Class 24×7 Animal Hospital

The Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital, costing Rs 165 crore, is designed to be a state-of-the-art facility. It will offer a range of veterinary services across five floors, with the capacity to accommodate 200 patients. The hospital aims to provide comprehensive care, from routine check-ups to advanced surgeries, ensuring that pets receive the best possible treatment.

Initially planned to be built in Navi Mumbai, the hospital’s location was strategically moved to Mahalaxmi in central Mumbai. This decision was made to ensure easier access for pet parents, especially in emergency situations. The hospital will be led by Thomas Heathcote, a renowned British veterinarian, who has moved to Mumbai to oversee the facility’s operations.

The journey to opening the hospital was not without its challenges. The project, announced in 2017, faced delays due to the search for a suitable location and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. These hurdles, however, did not deter Tata’s resolve. The team worked diligently to navigate these obstacles, adjusting plans and managing increased costs due to inflation.


The Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital is a landmark project that underscores Ratan Tata’s dedication to animal welfare. By providing world-class veterinary care, the hospital aims to elevate the standard of animal healthcare in India. This initiative not only reflects Tata’s compassion for animals but also sets a new benchmark for veterinary facilities in the country.

As the hospital prepares to welcome its first patients, it stands as a testament to the power of vision, commitment, and philanthropy in making a difference in the lives of animals.

For more information on the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital and its services, visit Moneycontrol.

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